• Canorgraphy, Studio Ross Merman: Visualize the noise of your favorite bird, a recording of a special event or the sound of the laugh of your child. This unique drawing is an abstract representation of your special memories. The carefully crafted round frame made of bent birch plywood is created by designer Robbin Baas.
  • Cover Art 0x0a: The variables in this case are the author’s name and the title of the text. Put in as a string, they determine the colors of the cover.
  • Tinder Gems: This is an experiment using Tinder data in Processing. We take the data from a Tinder profile, and we print a 3d object with that data.
  • CodeType: Repositori de fonts creades en codi.
  • Processing patterns: 25 Various generated patterns made by Processing software. Process showing modification of simple arcs. The format of posters is A2.
  • Ornithologie:
  • Textscape: These documents make reading process interactive for general audience or blind people to read as knowledge as well as art. This series of work has text variations of braille, language characters, calligraphies and number systems to bridge the text and its visuality in architecture, landscape, portraits and abstract matters.
  • Type dynamics exhibition, 2013: Type/Dynamics’ interacts with and comments on the work of graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer (1926–1990) in an effort to revitalize recent design history.
  • Impulse 101,2014: Impulse 101 is a diptych, half painting/half beamer, 100% on the internet. The work begins with the 4 foundational font characters of 8-bit Block ASCII, ░ ▒ ▓ █. It consists of two 100 x 100 cm canvases. The left (black) side is acrylic on canvas, while the right counterpart is a beamer projection of ASCII art animations utilizing real and faux copy paste glitches in MS WordPad.
  • Ilustración interactiva, 2014: Se elaboró una pieza interactiva que se expuso en el Festival Días de Juego en el Centro Nacional de las Artes, a partir de una ilustración del artista chihuahuense Luis Safa.
  • Oonsung Oounsung the mechanical cartoon, 2013: I used to feel awkward when people seemed to gaze at me after I passed by them. That might be from an interest, a suspicion, a hatred or just a habitual gesture which is meaningless. But more often than not, it used to trigger a chain of thoughts lurking in the back of my mind, starting from what is wrong with me at the moment, culminating in what's wrong with my whole being. What their gazing means could be nothing while the reaction of viewers would be something matters here because it reveals what s/he is like and what s/he is thinking.
  • The Big Atlas of LA Pools, 2013: The “Big Atlas of LA Pools” is about the process of mapping and map-making in the contemporary age of big data, open data, crowdsourcing, and citizen science. The project attempts to highlight on one hand the emerging and powerful role of non-domain experts in the discovery of scientifically and socially relevant information, and on the other hand seeks to emphasize the darker, creepier, and more contentious issues surrounding data processing and exploration.
  • True emotion indicator,2013: Aimed at bridging the gap between socially-conditioned facial expression and honest feeling. Allows a person to indicate their true emotions during a social interaction. To be worn on the back of the head and controlled by the wearer with a set of handheld buttons.
  • Modules électroniques en papier, 2013: simplifying the fabrication of electronic assemblies, molt recomanable la integració gràfica i física. Amb paper i codificació junt el disseny de la senyalètica del projecte.
  • paper torch, 2013: The torch is made of a piece of paper with cut outs and a battery operated LED. The light source is attached to the paper surface, where 2 thin button batteries are attached behind. When the paper starts to be rolled, the cut out part pops up and lights the LED automatically. It gives a strong light as a torch. The light turns off when it becomes flat again.
  • @><#!!!, 2013: This square surface, consisting of a thin metal coated foil, is transformed with invisible string connected to servo-motors and an arduino board, which senses, if somebody comes close. Through squeezing and releasing, the flat motion turns into a spatial transformation and comes closer to the user. This resulting surface dynamically generates new surprising patterns. The intensity of expression is determined by the user’s interaction.
  • piccolo, CNC-bot, 2012: Piccolo is a pocket-sized stand-alone CNC platform. You will be able to assemble your personal Arduino-compatible kit for tinkering, and playing with basic CNC output. Be it plotting a quick graffiti, printing a one-off business card on the fly, or multiple Piccolos working together to create a large mural, this kit provides a platform for experimenting with 2D or 3D digital fabrication at a small scale.
  • Log a rythm, 2010: Instal.lació en la qual s'associa una acció física amb una resposta gràfica i audiovisual.
  • Whistles, 2010: Instal.lació visual a partir de la interacció del so i la imatge animada, per Lucien Langton.
  • Turning plates, 2011: Una instal.ació interactiva generada a partir del disseny i la il.lustració, amb una proposta fresca i divertida.
  • Biodiversity library, 2011:A different way to browse the Biodiversity website (a website full of scanned books about biology subjects).Instead of searching by topic or title, you use wooden shapes to build a plant. This will be used as a filter for the database. For example; putting up a round flower will make the application show only images of that kind of flower. The display time of each image depends on the amount of search results; the lesser search results, the slower the images move by.
  • Blind self portrait, 2012: Projecte en el qual s'integra el gest del dibuix baix la programació i el moviment generat a partir del codi.
  • Drawing arm, 2012: La construcció d'un braç robòtic que interpreta l'esbòs fet a mà i el automatitza i el realitza de nou a partir d'aquest aparell.
  • Senseless drawing bot: Senseless Drawing Bot is a 4-wheeled graffiti machine, with a pendulum arm, arduino and spray cans to create random strokes as it moves up and down the gallery space. See video below.
  • Visual set: bRUNA is a musician on the record label spa.RK. Together with Todojunto we developed a VJ/visual set for bRUNA’s 2010 Sónar performance that consisted of two pieces; a light table controlled by an Arduino and a software developed with openFrameworks and a projection of videos and a live camera feed mixed with a midi controller using the Cinder framework. To do this we built the electronics for the light table and developed the OSC implementation for the Cinder framework.
  • Four letters words: Four Letter Words consists of four units, each capable of displaying all 26 letters of the alphabet with an arrangement of fluorescent lights. The piece displays an algorithmically generated word sequence derived from a word association database developed by the University of South Florida between 1973 and 1998. The algorithms take into account word meaning, rhyme, letter sequencing, and association. The algorithm's tendency towards scatological or "dark" subject matter is influenced by a variety of language and perception studies, especially Elliot McGinnies' 1949 study "Emotionality and Perceptual Defense." While the piece was conceived with idea of displaying algorithmically generated lists, it was designed with flexibility and expandability in mind. The individual units can be connected ad-infinitum, and are theoretically capable of displaying any length of text. While Four Letter Words deals with a specific range of content, the technology can be easily expanded for future textual experiments.
  • robo-rainbow, 2010-2011
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