• eyeo, t-shirt: This t-shirt sums up how I often enjoy working with data: a passerby on the street would only see a nice t-shirt. However, for the wearer of the tshirt, the design has more meaning, as they know how to interpret the design, and, once they offer this information to someone new, the t-shirt design takes on another layer of meaning.
  • chromosonic: Trying out alternative approaches for interfaces to control software through MIDI. Screen printed Musical Instrument Digital Interface controller on canvas.
  • n-e-r-v-o-u-s: We create our designs through an iterative and experimental process. After brainstorming an initial concept, we write a pattern generating algorithm through which we further explore our ideas and ultimately create a finished product. You can use the software we share here to create your own one of a kind designs or just to play and learn.
  • Esquemáticos: Esquemáticos is a series of works that link hand-made embroidering with the symbolic representation of analogue circuit diagrams. The project is an exhibition of large schematic drawings that have been hand-sewn with a conductive thread and electronic components, so that the circuits are fully functional machines that can be operated by the public.
  • Quilting + Generative Design = Wrap Yourself in Code :Projecte de hacking textil amb processing, per crear motius inspirats en el glitchr amb motius per Libs Elliott.
  • Meet The Tacit Project. It’s Sonar For The Blind: This is a project I’m calling Tacit. No, I didn’t bother making an awkward backronym for it, it just seemed like an appropriate name that’s a lot shorter (though less descriptive) than “Hand-Mounted Haptic Feedback Sonar Obstacle Avoidance Asstance Device”. It measures the distance to things and translates that into pressure on the wrist.
  • Electricfoxy talks with Asta Roseway at MR, 2011: Treball d'un laboratori per innovar amb els teixits i la utilització dels elements electrònics integrats en la moda.
  • When Haute Couture meets High Tech!,2011: Conductive embroidery lights up the Climate Dress by DIFFUS
  • Hussein Chalayan spring summer,2007: El disseny i el canvi i modificació del mateix al moment és una de les possibilitats que s'estableix en aquest video.
  • The New BUI: Amb la tecnologia portàtil sorgeixen noves necessitats d'interacció amb els usuaris.
  • Smartcraftlab: bloc dedicat a la interacció amb Lilypad Arduino
  • RolandPad: teclat bordat interactuant amb lilypad
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